A Great Promise of God

John  8:21-47

This weekend was the celebration of the freedom of our nation.  Rescue from oppression is a biblical theme.  What is it like to experience freedom again?

OT Examples of Escaping Enslavement

  • Genesis 14:1-24-Abraham rescues Lot
  • Exodus 18-15:21- Israel delivered from Egypt

Jesus’ Teachings on Escaping Enslavement

The consequences of sin

  • John 8:21-30 – Humans want freedom from sin, relationship with God, and peace.  People are seeking for these things, but don’t know they will find it in Jesus. Sin brings condemnation, hopelessness and chaos into our lives.  Sin brings spiritual death.  It brings death to who we  are.  To escape we must see Jesus for who he is; the messenger of the divine.  Lift up the Son of God and see him as he sacrifice for our sins, as the ruler on the throne, and as the ruler of our hearts.  We can powerfully experience the freedom from sin.

Freedom in Jesus Christ

  • John 8:31-38 – How free are you in your heart and mind?  We may be trapped in human relationships, jobs, and addictions.  We may not realize how we are trapped in sin.  Really look at how sin is working in our lives.  Jesus frees us from sin in every way.  Our responsibility is to continue in the Word of God.  We must continue to learn and study to understand Jesus’ words.  Jesus  speaks us free.  Take the Word into your heart and let it change your life.  Make the commitment to seriously study the promises.

Becoming God’s Child

  • John 8:39-47 – If we are serious about changing spiritually, put the word deep in your heart.   We are affected by our physical fathers.  Who we are spiritually, is affected by our spiritual father.  If we have let Satan in to our hearts we are his children.  If we listen to God, we get God as our father.  Change your spiritual family and be free.

Freedom in Christ

  • Luke 4:18-21 -Recognize that God offers freedom through Jesus Christ
  • Acts 13:38-39 – The Bible preaches freedom from sin and death
  • Romans 6:22 – Experience Life.

—Robert Lee, 7-6-08, a.m.

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