“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Statistics Don’t Govern Us

(Please read 2 Peter 2:8-9)

March 16

In this age of computers and databases, we’re likely to hear or read about some sort of statistics just about every day. And statistics are not bad in themselves; in fact, they are quite valuable in most areas of life. But they can have their dark side, such as when they’re used to predict that a certain percentage of us will suffer some sort of calamity or will die from this or that disease.

And some of the statistics related to religious matters can be disheartening indeed –- unless our faith is strong. One time Brother Paul Castiglione, a former member and elder of this congregation, stated that according to statistics half of the young people sitting together before him would leave the church during their lifetime. He quickly countered this bitter news, though, by saying, “But we don’t believe in statistics. We believe in the Lord.”

How true! If as individuals we were bound by statistics, in any phase of life, we would be miserable indeed. It is in the hope of rising above the dead numbers of the past that Christians keep trying to spread the gospel of Christ and live it before the world.

Having gained the attention of these young people, Paul in his sermon showed them some great principles exemplified in actions of three Bible heroes — David, Joseph and Moses — so simply but powerfully that all of us, young and old, were encouraged to persevere in the faith.

After all, those were living examples and statistics are lifeless numbers. But God sees each of us as a living, breathing human being with a soul to be nurtured and cherished. All of us, with his help, can be saved eternally. Let’s thank him for that and never, never give up or give in to those gloomy statistics.

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