Throughout history, people have learned that while we have responsibilities here on earth, this world is not our home. Genesis 15:13, 17:8 Hebrews 11:13-16

These passages show that we are strangers on earth is found throughout the scriptures.

1 Peter

 Chapter 1, verse 1 – we are strangers in the world

Verse 4- we have an inheritance

Verse 7 – our faith is imperishable

Verse 8-

Verse 17-

Verse 18 –

Verse 23-

Verses 24-25

All the things that are important in the world are someday going to perish.

Chapter 2

Verse 6-8 the stone, which is Christ, is precious to us.

Our relationship with God is very precious and we don’t want to neglect it.   Sometimes we choose to neglect the cornerstone of our faith and we stumble.   Occasionally, we fail to look in the most obvious place when things go wrong in our lives.  Jesus is the answer.

Chapter 3

Verses 9-12

We are a people who belong to God.  The work of the spirit sets us apart to work in the kingdom.

We should take out the unholy things from our lives so we can be holy.

Chapter 4:4

Chapter 2:13

Submit yourselves to the government even though your are people of a holy nation.  We have a special place in the kingdom, but we are not above the law.  We are to work as if we are serving Christ.   We have a responsibility to take care of the world.

Chapter 4:17

We expect judgment.  We live our lives as though there will be a judgment.  Ezekiel 12:21-28

God will judge the world.  2 Peter 3:3-4, 9

People say that this isn’t happening, but God is patient.  God calls us to return to him through troubles, death, and catastrophes in the world.  We will face judgment by one of these ways, or when Christ returns.  God is calling us to his service and to love him.

—Chuck Huffine, 12-11-05, p.m.

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