“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Take Time to be Holy

(Please read 1 Peter 1:15-17)

May 8

What does it mean to be “holy?” Briefly speaking, it means separation from evil, consecration to God and his service. It’s closely kin to the words “sanctified,” “sanctuary” and “saint.”  A holy person, seeking to live a life apart from sin, is thus to some extent like God; we call that person “godly.”

You’re probably familiar with the old song, “Take Time to be Holy.” It was written by William D. Longstaff in 1874, soon after he heard a sermon on our text. Some of us may have misconstrued the song’s title to indicate that being holy is only an occasional matter that one can “take time” to attend to, but that idea will not stand up in the light of our text which says “. . . be holy in all your conduct” (NKJV). While admonishing us to “take time” for certain activities that will enhance our holiness, the song  makes it clear that we should “abide in him always.”

If you have a hymnal with this song in it, please take a moment this morning to read the words. Then take time to follow the song’s advice: speak with the Lord, seek his blessings, feast on his word and achieve calmness in your soul. In short, be holy.

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