“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“Take Up His Cross”

(Please read Matthew 16:24)

April 9

Crosses were made for crucifixion, and the condemned man usually had to carry his cross to the execution site. So the one consistent, obvious point about any crucifixion, when a man carried his cross was that he was identified by it. Therefore, our crosses identify us as followers of Christ. Such a cross is like a badge or uniform which may bring death but is worn bravely.

Does this mean that every follower of Christ is to carry with him the means by which he will die? Actually, many people have been put to death for the cause of Christ. But, realistically, we know that following Christ does not usually result in execution, at least not in our time.

So what is my cross? Peter had just “rebuked” Christ for predicting His own death. It wasn’t that Peter had bad intentions, but his remarks were inappropriate and Christ had gently put Peter in his place as the follower rather than the leader. Then Christ immediately made the cross a necessary condition of discipleship. Neither Peter nor any other person, not even Christ himself, could avoid it. The cross we accept is not sickness, poverty, old age, or any other discomfort common in the lives of people. It is the acceptance of obligations, otherwise avoidable, in order to fulfill the Master’s purpose in our lives.

Is a cross part of your life? Then take it up and bear it openly and willingly, and you will surely be blessed.

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