“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Telling the Story by Doing

(Please read Romans 12:1-2)

February 11

As Christians we generally understand that we should be telling the story of Jesus to other people, but it is easy to assume that we are doing our part by helping support a preacher. We might be surprised at how effective we can be in personally talking to friends and neighbors about Jesus as well. But some of our best results of personal evangelism are achieved by actions instead of words. How are we telling the story of Jesus in our daily lives? As our text suggests, we should present ourselves as a living sacrifice to God and to his way of doing things.

Helping people when they need help doesn’t always fit in with our other plans. It might not be convenient to fix food for a grieving family, or help someone move, or talk on the phone to a lonely person. We might have to forgo buying that latte every morning in order to have money to contribute to a foreign mission effort or to Operation Christmas Child or the Rescue Mission food drive. But by making the effort to sacrifice ourselves we are telling the story of God’s love, the story of Jesus.

By being consistent day by day in our attitudes, actions, and love for others, we tell why Jesus is our focus. We show our love for God and others by how we spend our time and money, by what we say, and by whom we spend our time with. Spend as much time as you can with the One who truly cares for you and tell others about that Friend.

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