Experiencing and Sharing the Power That Changes Our Lives 

Some people love stories.  Stories can teach us, move us and touch us.

The Power of Story

  • 2 Sam. 12:1-15a- This is the story of David and Bathsheba.  Nathan told David a story that convicted David of his sin and lead to David to repent.
  • Luke 20:19-20 – Jesus told story about a vineyard owner who didn’t get what was due him from the tenants.  The tenants killed the vineyard owner’s son.  The Jewish leaders recognized themselves and they became hardened in their attitudes.
  • Acts 8:35-39 – Philip explained a story that leads the eunich to baptism. 

Stories can have a positive impact.  What ways will the story of Jesus change us this year? 

A Story of Love

  • John 3:16 -God love was the motivation for Jesus.  This is the message of the story.
  • Eph. 5:1-2 – Imitate God’s love.  We need to know how Jesus loved.
  • Eph. 4:20-24 -Put on the likeness of God’s love.  Change from someone who is selfish and uncaring into a loving person.

Sharing the Story with Others

  • Romans 1:15 -Paul was eager o tell the story again
  • Phil. 3:8-11 – Paul wanted to gain Christ.  Everything else was inferior to Christ’s story.  Telling the story was natural for him.
  • 1 Cor. 2:2 – The story of Jesus was all they needed.

—Robert Lee, 1-11-09, a.m.

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