Lessons from the Wise Men and a Madman 

Some people today were so enthusiastic about the Presidential inauguration that they traveled great distances to see it.  People came for the birth of Jesus, the King.

The Visit of the Magi

  • Matt. 2:1-12 – The wise men traveled a long distance.  What caused these priests to travel?
  • Numbers 24:17 – A Scepter represents a ruler and the star is predicted
  • Daniel 2:12-13 -Daniel and his friends were counselors to the King.  Babylon was eventually overthrown by the Persians. The wise men knew about Daniels’ predictions and when they saw the star knew they must heck it out.
  • Psalm 72:8-11 – Here is a prediction of gifts for a King.
  • Isaiah 60:2-6 – The Magi fulfilled these prophecies.

The Magi wanted to worship the King.  Herrod was upset. 

  • Matt. 2:10-11 -The Magi worshiped him.  They saw him as a ruler and worthy of gifts and respect.  We need to exalt Jesus today.    Will we respond to Jesus today, as the Magi did?  Will we worship, respect, and give him gifts of our love?

God warned the Magi about King Herrod and they went home a different way.

The Flight to Egypt

  • Matt.  2:13-15 – The family fled to Egypt.  (Hosea 11:1) Joseph’s obedience saved the baby.  Will you obey his call to obedience today?

Herod Kills the Babies

  • Matt. 2:16-23 – Herrod was a powerful ruler.  He was not born a Jew and he maneuvered his way into political power.  He was a madman and killed members of his family.  (Jeremiah 31:15-20)  The innocent babies paid the price for Herod’s fear of losing his power.  We can find God in the midst of all this world’s chaos and pain.  God sent Jesus to rescue us and give hope.

The family headed back to Nazareth.    God delivered Jesus out of Egypt as he did the Israelites.  Jesus delivers us from the spiritual “Egypt” to freedom. 

Where are you with Jesus?

—Robert Lee, 1-25-09, a.m.

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