Matt. 23:25-28 

What dominates our inner being?

  • God Reveals  Ezekiel 8:7-13 God reveals what is going on out of sight.  God’s house was the place of idol worship.  Hypocrisy is shown.  Matt. 23:25-28Hypocrisy revealed.  Jesus says we need to repent and change our inner being.   Our inner beings are like an iceberg.  What is seen above the water is like our behaviors.  Our behavior is “the tip of the iceberg”.  This inner being can be looked at as 3 parts – Reasoning, Emotions, and Spiritual.  Mark 12:29-30 Love God with everything (all 3 parts) we are.  Our behaviors are the results of what is underneath.
  • Reasoning – Decide to think about God’s Word so that your intellect is focused on God’s wisdom. James 3:13-4:4
  • Emotional – We can experience negative emotions or positive.  All emotions have a purpose.  Eph. 4:26-27 We must handle negative emotions because the devil can use these in destructive ways in our lives.  We were given emotions so that we can love God.  We need to deal with negative emotions by turning to God.
  • Spiritual – If we allow the world to take over, our spirit is squashed.  Rom. 8:7-8,  1 Timothy 1:19 If we don’t keep our inner being strong, our lives will be a ship wreck. Rom. 8:13b –  A strong spiritual life shows a lot of faith in God. Psalm 51:6-17 

How can you constantly feel positive emotions?  Immerse yourself in God’s word and his love.  Attending Church is a way to connect with God.  This is God’s hospital.

Phil. 2:12-13

God is Great and He is Able

Robert Lee, 4-2-06, a.m

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