The Humility of Jesus

  • John 13:1-17 – Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. Jesus was willing to sacrifice himself for others benefit
  • Phil. 2:3-11 – Have an attitude of humility towards others and look out for others good not just your own. Follow Jesus’ example as he humbled himself to die on the cross for our sake.

Questions to ask to check your attitudes

  • Do you think you own everything or do you think it’s all on loan from God?
  • Am I self serving or a servant to others?
  • What best describes our EGO? Edging God Out – or -Exalting God Only
  • How do I handle negative feedback? – fear, anger, denial, sadness, curiosity, gratitude
  • Do I plan for successors?  Luke 9:45-50, Phil 1:15-18 – Thanksgiving for preaching of the gospel 2 Tim. 2:2 – Plan for others to preach
  • How well do we respect other people? Rom. 12:10, 1Pet. 2:17

Edging God Out

  • Loving something other than God
  • Trusting in something other than God
  • Valuing someone else’s opinion more than God
  • Pride or Fear are the results of separation from God – Prov. 29:25

Exalting God Only

  • Worship God only
  • Depend on God completely
  • God is the only judge
  • God is watching us.

Following Christ example we gain

  • Humility Rom. 12:3,
  • Confidence Prov. 14:26,
  • Inspiration and commitment James 3:13-18,
  • Forgiveness and grace, Eph. 1:7-8

–Robert Lee, 1-17-10, p.m.

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