“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

The Hidden Talent

(Please read Matthew 25:14-30)

June 10

That one-talent servant must have felt that handling a talent was no big deal – just keep it intact until the boss got back. So he buried it. In those days a “talent” was a piece of money. But due to this parable, the word gradually took on the meaning it has today: an unusual natural ability to do something well. Think of the similarities between the two types of talents, and it’s easy to see how today’s meaning came about.

Back to the servant in charge of one talent. In spite of his seeming obedience to his master, he really distrusted the man – accused him of being a crook, in fact – so there was an element of contempt in the way he treated the talent left in his care. Poor, clueless servant! He wound up with nothing but punishment.

As stewards of God’s, people to whom the Master has delegated responsibility to handle certain matters for him, we can be guilty of hiding what he has entrusted to us. Although we cannot, in the strictest sense, return to the Lord a profit on what he has entrusted to us, we can make greater use of our talents than just leaving them on the shelf, idle.

If we treat our talents carelessly, with no thought of protecting them or using them for our Lord, we can’t even keep them intact until he comes for us.

Perhaps you have talents so long unused that you’ve almost forgotten them. If so, please haul them out, dust them off, and use them for the Lord. He will surely reward you.


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