The Holy Spirit in The Old Testament

God’s Life-Giving Presence

Genesis 1:2
The word for spirit is the same word for wind. The spirit is the movement of air. Just like wind there is unseen power.

God’s Breath of Life
Gen. 27 – God brought life out of material things. Within our physical body there is a spiritual life that comes from God.
Job 33:4 – God gave life – through the Spirit
Job 34:14-15 – Our existence depends on God. Our life is more than physical breathing of air. We depend on God’s Spirit to live.
Psalm 104:29-30 – God’s Spirit is what gives life and without it we die and become only a physical body. Ecc.12:6-7, John 20:22

God’s Abiding Presence
Psalm 51:10-12- We have a spirit, but God’s Holy Spirit sustains us and makes our spirit alive. We experience God through The Holy Spirit
Psalm 139:7-12 – There is no place you can go on earth that God’s Spirit can’t go. The Spirit is an indication that God is there.

Resisting God
Genesis 6:3 – God’ Spirit won’t abide with humans forever. Humans have a limited life time. There are consequences to sin. The Holy Spirit strives against sin.
Nehemiah 9:20, 29-31- God instructed these people and God provided them with physical sustenance and yet these people rejected God. Isaiah 63:10-14, Zechariah 7:11-12.
We experience the presence of God through his Spirit.

–Robert Lee, 2-12-12, a.m.

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