Experiencing God’s Gift of Life

Psalm 51:8, 12

 David wants to receive the total joy of his salvation.

Old Testament Passages

•   Psalm 16:7-11 -A relationship with God causes joy.  Joy is not always exuberance.  Joy is a positive attitude.  This can be shown in feelings, outlook, or experiences.  We can be joyous in our security of salvation.

•   Psalm 35:9-16 – There is only true rejoicing in our relationship with God.  Evil rejoices at the misfortunes of others.

•   Isaiah 61:10-11 -Rejoicing in God is positive.  We are made for positive things.  Righteousness is the best way to live.

•   Habakkuk 3:16-19 – We can rejoice even when our physical situation is bad.  Our spiritual well-being does not depend on our physical circumstances.

New Testament Passages

•   Matt. 13:44 -The kingdom is so good and it can sustain our spirits.

•   Luke 1:46-47 -Mary is an example of rejoicing in her salvation. Rejoicing is always the appropriate response to God’s salvation.

•   Luke 2:10-11 – The shepards responded with joy at the news of salvation.

•   Luke 10:19-20 -These people were casting out spirits and Jesus said rejoice that your names are in heaven.  Gifts don’t matter as long as you are saved you can rejoice.

•   Luke 15:7 -Heaven rejoices when people are saved

•  Romans 5:11 -As a result of being saved, we rejoice.

Where’s your joy level?  Joy is an evidence of our closeness to God. 

•   1 Peter 1:3-16 – Our salvation is completed when we are finally with God.

Pure Joy is from Love – Love God

Joy is from full trust – Trust your salvation.  Go fully into God

Joy involves Great anticipation – look fully to the completion of our salvation

•   Jude 1:24-25 – Trust God; he is our Savior. 

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