God’s Transformation of the World

Daniel 2:44 

People make a nation or kingdom. 

In Daniel, the King had a dream that really disturbed him.  Daniel, with God’s help, was able to interpret his dream to mean that earthly kingdoms would come and go and God would establish an everlasting kingdom.

The Kingdom is at Hand

  • Matt. 3:1-2 -Get ready it is close
  • Matt.  4:17,23 – Jesus says get ready for the good news
  • Matt. 9:35 – Jesus proclaims
  • Matt.    10:1,7 -Miracles confirm the kingdom is close

This kingdom relates to people’s heart.

A Spiritual Kingdom of the Heart

  • Matt.   5:3, 10, 17-48 – This kingdom is different from the world’s kingdoms. People are blessed if they know the need for God’s love and fairness in the world.  God wants your heart to be pure.  Have peace in your life by changing your attitudes.  Jesus came to fulfill God’s ultimate plan for God’s kingdom.
  • Matt. 6:9-10 – Jesus prayed that God would come to earth and take over the way we think and how we treat others -That God’s kingdom would come.
  • Matt. 6:33 – Work at seeking God’s kingdom.  God says his kingdom is more important than physical food.
  • Matt. 7:21 (8:11-12) -Do the actions that are appropriate for this kingdom.  Spread this good news. 

Parables about the Kingdom

  • Matt. 13:1-23 – These are stories about how the kingdom is.  Your heart must be ready to be a citizen of the kingdom.

Disciples of the Kingdom

  • Matt. 13:51-52 -Are you a student of the kingdom.  Are you learning?
  • Matt. 16:19 – Keys open the door. Peter was preaching the good news of the gospel.  Every time the gospel is preached today these keys are being used.
  • Matt.  16:28 – God’s kingdom is here today.  Isaiah 65:17, 2 Peter 2:13

God is at work today.  Be encouraged today.

—Robert Lee, 4-6-08, a.m.

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