Luke 7:1-50

Let’s not forget to thank God when we receive good gifts in our lives. 

  • Evidence About Jesus

Luke 7:1-22

In this chapter of there is an example of someone who has so much faith in Jesus’ power to heal that he knows Jesus can heal without seeing the ill one.  This chapter is filled with examples of healings.  This chapter gives evidence of Jesus’ qualifications as a Savior.  We all need to decide if Jesus can do the work of saving our souls. 

  • Responding to The Evidence

Luke 7:23-35

Is John the Baptist and Jesus from God?  Each of us is responsible for our own decision regarding Jesus and God’s plan of salvation.  Jesus is a gift from God to each of us.  If we are serious about Jesus as a Savior, we must have faith in Jesus, confess him as our Savior, and accept his baptism. 

  • A Pharisee and A Sinner

Luke 7:36-50

Simon’s Misconception (vs. 39)

-Not Open-minded to the possibility that Jesus was a Savior.

-He didn’t see the woman for who she really was.  He saw her only as a sinner.  He thought he should separate himself from the sinner.  Jesus moved towards the sinner to heal that sinner.

-Simon failed to recognize his own sins.  He missed out on a Savior because of his misconceptions.

  • Jesus Mercy (vs., 48)

Jesus saw her for who see was.  He saw her faith.

  • The Woman’s Faith (vs. 50)

This woman had faith then received forgiveness.  She received peace, blessings, and love.

When we experience forgiveness of sins we are changed.   Our minds, hearts, and brains are changed.  Our burdens are lifted.

—Robert Lee, 9-25-05, a.m.

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