John 4:19-24 

There are places on earth that people believe they can encounter God.  Delphi, Greece and Karnack, Egypt are two examples of places mankind have believed in.  The God of the Bible truly designates what is sacred.

Sacred Places in the Bible

  • Exodus  3:1-6 – Moses and the burning bush -God tells Moses he will lead the people out of Egypt
  • Exodus 19:10-14 – Consecration of Mount Sinai.  God gave commandments about how to build the tabernacle so that the people could meet with God.
  • Exodus 25:8-9, 40:34-35 – God says he will dwell among them in the tabernacle.  God’s glory filled the tabernacle and he continued to dwell with them.
  • 1 Kings 8:10-11 -Finally, the people came into the land and Solomon built a temple for worshipping God in Jerusalem. This was the central place for God’s people.

True Worship

  • John 4:19-24- When this woman began to realize she was talking to someone who truly understands she asks where should I worship? He says the place isn’t important but what is in the heart.  Worship in spirit and in truth.

We Are God’s Dwelling Place

  • 1 Cor. 3:16-17 – You are the temple of God.  You are the dwelling place of God.  You are a sacred place.  We are filled with the Holy Spirit of God. 
  • Eph. 2:19-22 – Christians are the church.  We are built together as a dwelling of the Spirit.  God’s people are from all walks of life and through Jesus blood they are built together as the church.
  • 1 Peter 2:4-5 – Believers are living rocks he is using to build his temple.

The Blessings of God in Us

  • John 6:52-58 – Jesus is talking about eating his flesh and drinking his blood.  He is using this as an example of how we need physical food to live we need spiritual food to nourish our spirits.  Romans 8 Do you see yourself as an eternal being because you partake of Jesus?
  • John 15:1-4 -Spiritually abide in Jesus.  Jesus will be in you to bear spiritual fruit in you.  Look for the positive in other people and you will see God.
  • John 17:25-26- God dwelling in us lets us experience love. When Jesus is in us we can show love to others.  Even if we experienced second class love here from other people God will make up the deficit.
  •  1 Cor. 6:18-20 -Having God’s Love in us helps us to live a more holy life.  We can live up to God’s standards with his help.

—Robert Lee, 6-1-08, a.m.

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