“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

The Question of the Age

(Please read Romans 1:16-17)

August 1

In the religious world the question of our day concerns the integrity of that book which we call the Bible. Is it the simple, literal, unmixed revelation of the mind of God or not? . . . If there is one question, more than any other, that needs a prophet to rise and answer it, it is this. . . . We say that the question of the age lies just here.

Does that sound like something you read recently? Or something you have been thinking about in connection with the growing debate about spiritual and moral values? Well, as timely as those words may seem, they were actually written by Alexander Campbell as he contemplated some disappointing trends in 1859.

The current chorus of opposition to the Christian’s way of life, however well orchestrated, is not playing a new tune. It has been heard before; and although it caused anxiety in the hearts of the Lord’s followers, it did not overwhelm them or rout them or silence them. Our communications technology allows instant and continual repetition of the carping criticism and ranting ridicule directed at Christian morals and standards. This media bombardment can nurture the illusion that the opposition is much stronger than it really is — like one person in a house of mirrors seeming to be a crowd.

But we find comfort in realizing that the Bible, like the One it illuminates, is a rock on which we can confidently stand if we will only learn to know it well. May we gain that knowledge, and may our very lives say yes to “the question of the age.”

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