“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

The Right Foundation 

(Please read Matthew 7:24-27)

September 29

In Colorado most of us don’t know a whole lot about beaches. But from visits to the ocean or – more likely – some lake, we know how it feels to walk and play in sand. It doesn’t require such experience, though, for us to understand that sand just won’t do as the foundation for a house. Some of the other foundations in past years were better, but not durable. That’s why you see so many deserted Depression-era houses with sagging floors and broken roofs; the wooden pilings or pumice blocks or poorly mixed concrete piers of long ago have given up.

Jesus spoke of the best and worst of foundations available in those days – solid rock and shifting sand, drawing a picture that even the densest of his hearers could understand. The person who builds his life on the foundation of putting the words of Christ into practice is safe when buffeted by the storms of life; the one who shrugs off the words of Christ cannot stand.

These scenarios are played out every day, all around us. People with the right foundation generally go about without attracting much attention, meeting daily vexations and difficulties calmly and riding out troubles with faith in God. The other folks, the foolish ones, crash when life gets hard.

It’s possible for the latter to rebuild, but they must move from their sandy location (habits and practices not good for them or pleasing to the Lord) and accept the solid rock of obedience to him as the place where they will stand. If we help them do that, the Lord will surely be pleased.

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