A young woman married the man of her dreams.  She did all she could to be a great homemaker, mother, companion, and a faithful wife.  As the years past she noticed it seemed that her husband never expressed gratitude for her efforts.   At this point in the story, here are three questions:

  1. Do you think the husband was right not to say thank you?  
  2. Was it right for the wife to have resentment? 
  3. How will this story end?

Your answers to these questions reveal a lot about your thoughts.  In our relationship with God, we need to express our thanks to God.


  • God’s Help Can Be Lost

Romans 1:21

There can be a sliding away from living at the highest standards.  Do we have things to be thankful for?

  • God Is Very Good To Us

Matt. 7:7-11

Jesus says God eagerly gives good gifts to those who seek.  God is ready to bless us when we ask.

James 1:17-18

Every good thing comes from God.

How can any person be resentful about the gifts God has given?

Is the glass half full or half empty?  Do we focus on what we don’t have?  Do we ignore the blessings we do have? 

  • God Is Personal

Ez. 16:1-63, Mt. 24:45-51, Lk. 15:11-32

In these examples, God is depicted as a husband, a master, and a father.  This gives us the ability to see God in a personal relationship; one to whom we can pour our hearts out to.

  • We Must Be Thankful To God

Psa. 69:16-19

David dreads being separated from God. We will be hurt; the relationship will be hurt, if we are not thankful.

Psa. 63:1-11

My soul clings to you, oh God.  Even times of trouble, God is still blessing us and we need to focus on thanking God 

—Robert Lee, 11-6-05, a.m..

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