This is traditionally Palm Sunday.  Christ had many, many experiences during the coming week that have meaning to his followers.

 Luke 19:28

This reading shows us what Jesus is like.

  • The Immortal Courage of Jesus

Many thought he wouldn’t come to the feast because there was an arrest warrant issued for him.  Jesus knew they were waiting for him and that the time had come for him to be put to death.  Jesus told all that would happen and yet people questioned if he would come.  Jesus had the courage in a different way than the people expected.

  • The Triumphal Entry

He came as a King in honor.  The people who doubted he would come weren’t expecting him to come this way, in triumph and victory.  This was spontaneous honor given by the common people. 

  • Jesus was Meek and Lowly

Jesus wasn’t skulking when he came to Jerusalem.  He had great strength, which allowed him to be meek.  People who must push ahead are not confident enough to be meek and lowly.  We must proclaim Jesus name as our strength.  Paul is an example of how to proclaim Jesus.

  • Jesus Wept

He wanted Jerusalem to understand God had come to them.  He loved us from the beginning.

Tommy Williams, at Robert Lee, Texas, 3-20-05 a.m. After this Sunday, Brother Williams would preach on only one more Sunday (April 7) before his illness made preaching impossible. He passed away June 1 at the age of 87. Notes on his Sunday night sermon on March 20 are under the heading, “The Body of Christ in Ephesians 4.” These notes were captured on a Palm device by one of our members, Margaret Rossow, who was visiting in Robert Lee that day.

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