“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

The Unplanned Life

(Please read Matthew 10:19-20)

June 12

School students are often asked what they want to be when they grow up. A few have firm notions about that by the third grade, but most will change their answers from year to year, as they learn more about various occupations and more about how the world works. Eventually they msy begin planning their vocations.

It’s good to be able to plan things. We plan every day, on matters as diverse as how to budget the next paycheck and the order in which we will run errands on the next trip to town. But even the best of human plans cannot provide for every situation which may confront us. Not having the ability to foretell events accurately and in detail, we try just to be prepared for contingencies.

In a way, even the Christian life is an unplanned life, and we can hardly imagine what our reaction might be if we suddenly found ourselves in this or that critical situation. Jesus’ disciples may have had such questions in their minds, so he reassured them that they would have divine help to cope with whatever might lie ahead.

As car drivers, we can’t foresee every emergency, so we try to be well trained and react quickly – fall back on second nature – in dangerous situations. In the same way, when we face sudden temptations which we would not have thought possible, our spiritual training will help us get past the emergency.

We need to prepare, then, as best we can, through study, prayer and experience for the unplanned events of life. This and the providence of God will see us through.

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