“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

The Weeping Savior

(Please read Luke 19:35-44 and John 11:35)

January 13

It was a Sunday and Jerusalem was crowded with Passover visitors and abuzz with talk about Jesus. He was on his way to the city, and many expected him to declare himself the long-awaited king who would rule over and restore their beloved nation. As he fulfilled prophecy by riding on a donkey, the people paved his way with palm fronds and shouted blessings, hailing him as the king.

Then why did Jesus gaze on the great city and begin weeping? What caused him to be overwhelmed with sorrow? The first point that comes to mind is that he knew he would be killed a few days later, knowledge which probably affected his emotions. But it was not Jesus’ way to center on himself and his physical discomforts, so there must have been something more.

The answer seems to appear in Jesus’ lament and prophecy about Jerusalem in our text from Luke. He knew it was too late for the proud, blind religious leaders and most of their followers to see “the things which make for peace,” and the city would inevitably be leveled within about four decades. So he wept not for himself but for the city and its people.

A few days earlier he had cried with the sisters of Lazarus, displaying his gentle spirit just before demonstrating his divine power by bring his dead friend back to life.

These glimpses show us a tenderhearted Savior who understands our temptations and weaknesses and stands always ready to forgive and heal. How fortunate are those who love and serve him!

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