“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

The Window to Holiness

(Please read Romans 12:2)

November 22

The late preacher N.E. Rhodes Jr., in a 1997 Gospel Tidings article about holiness, imagines a man who has spent his life in one room with one mud-encrusted window. He has heard rumors about a world outside but has never fully believed them. Then a great gust of rain washes the mud off his window and for a moment he sees green fields, flowing streams and distant snow-capped mountains. But a passing vehicle splashes mud on the window and the beauty outside is gone. The man wonders if what he saw was real or just a figment of his overheated imagination. Then he settles back into the familiar, thinking that even if there is something out there it is not for him.

In the same way people can be so moved occasionally by a great sermon or an uplifting encounter with godly people as to get a glimpse of holiness, only to settle back as before without trying to make that great moment a continuing part of life. But, as Brother Rhodes wrote, it need not be so. We can continue to look through a clean window of faith and see the beauty that Christ saw. Our lives can become transformed and holy.

Holy people love God and one another fervently. Serene in their faith, they are peacemakers. They can explain the reason for their hope in Christ, with gentleness and respect. They are strong in their faith, and their strength sustains them in times of trouble, pain or persecution.

If that brief paragraph describes you and us, we have good reason for joy and thanksgiving today.

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