“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

The Worthwhile Things

March 14

(Please read Luke 12:13-21)

Have you ever been jealous, at least a teeny bit, of people who have the biggest houses, drive the latest cars, and never have to worry about how to survive until the next payday? Most of us probably would answer yes to that question, and we need look no further than the wild popularity of lotteries to realize that greed is still strong in many hearts.

But Jesus warned against greed and declared that a person’s life is not measured by his wealth. The things that really matter are those that Jesus taught — being honest and upright, doing good to others, and so on. Many years ago an author, now unknown, wrote a poem that may help us remember where our focus should be. It went something (if not exactly) like this:

Not what you get, but what you give;
Not what you say, but how you live,
Giving the world the love it needs,
Living a life of noble deeds.

Not whence you came, but whither bound;
Not what you have, but whether found
Strong to the right, the good, the true –-
These are the things worthwhile to you.

So don’t ever, ever think for a minute that you are unworthy simply because you are not wealthy. Instead, rejoice that you have a righteous Father who sees the person you really are and appreciates your focus on “the things worthwhile to you.” You can thank him right now, solicit his help, and go confidently to meet the challenges of this new day.

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