John 19:30

What Herrod tried to kill 3 decades ago, Heaven killed on this day.

How to say goodbye to your pain

  • Personal pain Job 14:14 – Jesus had to come from heaven to find someone who needed to start a new chapter. Christ gave up his comforts to look for us. Sickness sometimes is a way for us to get better spiritually. We are world changers.

Going through my Godly Purpose

  • Eph. 3:11 -Jesus was born in a lowly manager. He had no earthly possessions. He gave what he had spiritually. Do you know your Godly purpose? Would you give your life for a sinner? Christ did.
  • Mark 6:11- Go to people and spread the good news. Not everyone recognizes your purpose.

How to go through something in peace.

  • Romans 8:18 – Our sufferings will not compare to that which is to come. Jesus didn’t blame others. What did Jesus give up? His purpose was to sacrifice for us. Jesus stayed because he loved us.
  • Romans 8:28 -All things work together for good for those that love God.

When Jesus came off the cross that was the end of that chapter of his life. We must focus on Jesus sacrifice as a new beginning for us.

—Fred Marshall, 1-4-09, p.m.

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