We all need neighbors and friends that we can depend on when troubles come our way.  We need people who tell us when we are wrong.

1 Sam. 18:1-3, 1 Sam. 20:42

Friends forgive one another and have sympathy.  Job 2:11

John 15:12-17.  Friends sacrifice for on another.  How many would lay down your life for your friend?

Prov. 27:6

Friends don’t lie to you.  Prov. 27:7, 10

Friends have value because they are there. 

A friend loves at all times.   Sometimes we will take more from a friend than a family member. Prov. 17:17 

Jesus is your friend.  If you share with Jesus you become closer just as you do with friends on earth.  God knows you better than any earthly friend and can support you better than anyone on earth.  Are you doing your part for God?    God loves you more than anyone else.  You can choose to be God’s friend. 

—Eddie Bigler, 7-3-05, p.m.

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