We struggle with understanding and valuing the spiritual blessings God has given us.

  • Luke 1:53

God has filled the hungry with good things.  He sends the rich away empty handed.   God pours his blessings with abundance.  The physically rich do not have n advantage with God.

  • Luke 6:20-26

If you are satisfied in this life you will be less likely to crave the God’s spiritual blessings.  

  • Luke 6:37-38

If you have a giving generous attitude you will receive God’s blessing.

  • Luke 8:14

We can be choked with the physical and block out the spiritual. 

  • Luke 12:13-21

All our earthly possessions are not adding to our spiritual bank account.  Where are our investments?

  • Luke 12:33-34

Your heart is where you treasures are. 

  • Luke 14:12-14

Do things for people without expecting repayment.  You are serving God and laying up treasures for yourself.

  • Luke 16:1-13

Your physical possessions should be used to prepare for the future.

  • Luke 16:19-31

This man was living in splendor everyday, but he had nothing in his relationship with God.

  • Luke 18:18-27

Invest where you will spend eternity.

  • Luke 19:1-10

The tax collector was ready to give up what the rich young ruler was not.  The tax collector was truly transformed.

  • Luke 21:1-4

The poor widow had great faith and gave all she had. Her heart was on the spiritual plane.

  • James 2:1-7

Don’t be fooled by the world’s values.  God chose the poor to be rich in faith.

  • Rev. 2:9

This church was poor, but they were rich in spirit.

  • Rev. 3:17-18

This church needed nothing physically, but was poverty stricken on a spiritual level.

Come to God through Jesus to build up true riches.

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