Trust the Lord and he will take care of you.  

In our lives we must be able to trust. 

  • Psalm 44:6 -We can’t trust weapons
  • Psalm 49 – You can’t trust in your wealth
  • Psalm 146:3 -You can’t trust the people fully
  • Jer. 48:7 – You can’t trust in your own works because you might make a mistake. 
  • Ezk. 33:13 -You can’t trust in your own righteousness because we all sin.

You can’t trust in the things of this world.  There is only God.  We must have faith and trust.  With God he promises to always take care of us.

  • Psalm 119:42 -Trust in God’s  Word
  • Matt. 12:14 – 21 – Trust in Jesus

Christians trust God.

The Benefits of Trust

  • Psalm 5: 11 -Trust in God brings joy
  • Psalm 22:4 – We can be delivered from our trials when we trust in God.  Trials are exercise for our spirits.  Trials keep us strong.  Like exercise is good for our body, trials are strength building for our souls.
  • Psalm 31:19 -Trust in God’s goodness. 
  • Psalm 32:10 -Mercy will surround those who trust God
  • Psalm 40:5 -God’s blessings are innumerable

There is always something good that comes from your experiences.

  • Isaiah 57:13- We have an inheritance from God.  Heaven for those who trust and hell for those who don’t.

Do you trust God?  Do you allow his Word to fill your heart and do the things he asks?  

—Eddie Bigler, 8-31-08, a.m.

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