John 6:25-71 

Jesus had just fed the people and calmed the storm and the people were going to make Jesus a king by force. The crowd was looking for someone who could meet their carnal needs.   When we try force Jesus to do what we think is needed, we sometimes fail to see the spiritual needs.  Are we using Jesus for our own purposes? Phil.3:18-20 says we are citizens of a Spiritual kingdom.  Heb. 12:16, Esau gave up his birthright for a single meal.  He took what he could see and feel ahead of the hope he had for the future.    Are we like this?  We might ask what good can God make of my life, I’ve made too big of a mess.  We need to have faith.

John 6:25

Faith should not demand constant signs.  God will give us more and more proof as our faith grows.  Are we looking for works to do so that we are free to continue to be free from submitting to God?  Gal.3:20 Faith is resting all our weight on God.  Psalms 62:1-8

God is trustworthy for us to lean on.  The source of all good in our life is from God.

John 6:32-35

Jesus is talking about the spiritual bread we need.  When we take communion we remember the help and support Jesus has given us thru the week. 

John 6:49-59

Jesus says that he is the bread.  The people in the story were disappointed.  They wanted Jesus to give them bread they could see, not something they couldn’t see.

John 6:67

 Where would we go, if not to Jesus for spiritual food?  Jesus is Lord.  Will we accept Jesus on his terms, not on ours? 

—Chuck Huffine, 8-14-05, p.m.

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