We sometimes experience power outages, which plunge our homes into darkness. Darkness gives opportunity for people to do wrong and not be seen.

John 3:18-21.
There two different reactions to darkness. You can use the light to do good deeds or you can use the darkness as a cover for evil.

There are two different kinds of sinners.

Repentant Sinners
John 3:18a, 21.
These people go towards the light and turn from darkness.

1John 1:5, 7, 9; 2:1-3,5-6
· The Light of God and the darkness of sin are opposite
· To walk in the light means that the love of God removes the sin from those that walk in the light
· God forgives sins that are brought to Him
· We have an advocate, Jesus, who will brings our sins to God as we confess our wrong doing
· We are called to commit ourselves to God and obey His commandments
· We need to seek good in our lives

1John 3:3,5,7,9.
· We are in a process of purification
· Christ is our means of cleaning our sins
· A person on God’s side can’t want to hang onto sin

Rebellious Sinners
· John 3:18b, 20
· These people look at the darkness as a way to cover evil.

· Matthew 23:25.
· This approach to sin is to cover it up.

· 2 Peter 2:10-13.
· This refers to people who are flaunting their evil and saying to others that they should like it.

1John 1:6,8 10; 2:4.
· We must be honest about the sins in our lives by recognizing what we’ve done wrong
· We must keep the words of God in our everyday lives
1John 3:4,6,8,10
· Jesus came to make us realize that we can’t serve God and the Devil
· Jesus came to destroy evil

God is calling us to live a righteous life everyday. God sent the Spirit to help us to make right choices everyday.

Psalm 119:128.
What is our attitude towards what is wrong in God’s eyes?

—Robert Lee, 10-24-04, a.m

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