The Call to Unity despite Differences of Opinion

Romans 14:1-23 

How difficult is it today to have a deep and living faith in God?  The form of faith may be easy, but true dependency may be difficult.  Why if true faith is difficult, would we make it more difficult to help others with their faith?  Romans 14 are a guide to Christians who disagree.  They had real cultural differences.

God’s Part

God Accepts People

  • Romans 14:1-3, 16-18 -God has a heart for people.  He wants all people to be his.  God wants all who have righteousness and peace and joy from his Spirit.  God welcomes those who accept his Son.  How could we reject those who God has accepted?  We must encourage those who God has received.

God Rules Over People

  • Romans 14:4-9 – God is our master, a sovereign king.  Are we willing to recognize that God is our owner?  We must submit to God and his authority.  We sometimes think we are smarter than God.  We must trust him totally. 

God Enables People

  • Romans 14:4b (17, the Holy Spirit) – The person who preservers with faith is helped by God to be successful.  We operate by the unseen power of God.  When we disagree with others, we should realize God is helping each of us.

God Judges People

  • Romans 14:10-12 – God is the perfect judge.   When we disagree with another Christian, sometimes we need to just leave the judgment to God.  We need to examine our attitudes when we choose to tell someone they are wrong before God.

Our Part

We Are To Love People

  • Romans 14:13-15 – If we handle situations wrongly, we can destroy people.  Our goal is to keep from making another Christian’s journey tougher.  Are we throwing hurdles in the path of others?   Handle others with love.

We Are to Build Up People

  • Romans 14:19-21 – We are supposed to help people.  We need to encourage people on the journey.  If we have the attitude of disrespect for others, we could destroy the relationship and the relationship with God.

We are to have a Personal Faith in God.

  • Romans 14:22-23 (verse 5) – We must have our individual faith and conscience.  Ultimately, our maturity of faith, will lead to more unity in faith as a church group.

—Robert Lee, 10-28-07, a.m.

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