Imagine you are a patient in the hospital and the local preacher comes to visit you. What if the preacher can only complain about everything? Would you feel better? Complaining and negativity usually doesn’t make things better.

Israel‘s Complaining against God in the Wilderness

  • Ex. 14:1-12 – When Pharaoh’s army came(fear)
  • Ex. 15:22-25 – Bitter water
  • Ex. 16:1-21 – Lack of food
  • Ex. 17:1-7 – Lack of water (testing God)
  • Numbers 11:1-35 – Desires for meat (complaint of routine)
  • Numbers 12:1-16 – Complaints against leader Moses
  • Numbers 13:1-14:45 – Giants in the land (fear – lack of a trust in God)
  • Numbers 16:1-17:11 – Against the leaders
  • Numbers 20:2-13 – No water
  • Numbers 21:4-9 – The difficult journey
  • Deut. 1:26-27 -The people’s attitude – the Lord hates us. Our complaints reveal our attitudes about trust and love and God.
  • Deut 9:22-24 – People were rebellious against the Lord. These people had a hard journey and they had a chance to wait on God for an answer.

Complaining is a way for us to examine our attitudes about life and our relationship with God. Bad times can be an opportunity for growth in our faith in God. We can look for good in life because of our faith in God. Psalm 56:9 – God is for me.

The Graciousness of God

  • Psalm 106:1-6, 24-25, 47-48 – Praise for God. God is good. Listen to the voice of God.
  • Neh. 9:16-21 -God’s compassion – God is slow to anger and does works of loving kindness.

When life is hard, the choice is ours will we trust God?

Teachings to Christians

  • 1 Cor. 10:5-13 – Don’t grumble, take heed lest you fall, God provides a way of escape from sin. God will help you with your attitude as you escape if you go to him in prayer.
  • Phil. 2:14-16 – Don’t grumble or dispute so you can be lights in the world.

–Robert Lee, 5-2-10, a.m.

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