1Peter 5:6-7

Today,  people are concerned about toxins in our environment created by man.  Some people think that these build up in our physical bodies and threaten our health.  The effect on us physically is unclear.  We are sure that on an emotional and physical level, we do have toxins that build up and pull us away from God.

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1Peter 5:6-7

Verse 7 – “casting “, “all anxiety”, “on Him”

Throw away the negative.  Actively get rid of your emotional burdens.  Get rid of ALL of your anxiety.  Why keep anything that causes you stress.  When we try to control the solutions we are still anxious. Turn all your problems over to God because He has solutions you cannot see.   When we throw off our worries, we are giving it to someone who can handle them for us.  As we are specifically giving our anxieties to Him we are building a relationship with God of trust.

What does it take to accomplish giving our burdens to God?

Psalm 55:1-23

Here is an example of how to give our burdens to God

Verses 1-8 – The Psalmist describe His anxiety with emotion and honesty.  He is real with God.  The writer pours out his real emotion.

Verses 9-15 – The Psalmist gives his emotional hurt to God because he has been betrayed by those he loves.

Verses 16-23 The writer outlines his trust in God and God’s ability to handle the situation.

When you don’t feel that you have  the words to express use the Psalms to help you express yourself before God. 

  • Jesus Christ

Hebrews 5:7, Matt. 27:46, Psalm 22:1-31

Here are examples of Jesus using scripture to express himself in his time of emotional anxiety.

Allow the words of scripture to help you to cast you cares on God.

—Robert Lee, 8-21-05

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