We cannot avoid waiting in life (i.e., bus stops, prior to appointments, in line, being pregnant, at the computer, women waiting for the perfect man).

Waiting for Messiah 

Waiting for the Lord is an important Biblical concept. 

Mark 15:43 — Joseph of Arimathea; this man took the O.T. scriptures seriously. He had an open heart, which allowed him to recognize the one he was waiting for. 

If we are willing to wait for Him, then we are ready when the time comes! 

Christians Are “Waiters” 

We, too, are “waiters” in the New Covenant. 

     Philippians 3:20-21— Our citizenship is not here…thus we EAGERLY wait. We are waiting to go home (like a patient in Jana’s dental office, who awaits a flight 7/31 to get home to the USA out of Israel which is now under attack). 

     1 Thessalonians 1:9-10 —They were converted to wait. Waiting can be hard. Am I willing to wait? 

     Jude 1:20-21 — True waiters are really eager. They long. People not waiting go off and do other things. 

     Revelation 22:20-21 — “Come, Lord Jesus!”  We WANT to go home. The Lord wants us to be eager, but He doesn’t want us to be irritated. We do have to wait, but in the waiting, we are surrounded by grace. Thus, be WILLING to wait. 

Blessings from Waiting: 

Understanding: Psalm 119:73-74 — We all have had situations where we have waited for word (i.e., a coming letter).  Do I have the same desire to receive God’s Word?  Life is a process of growth in understanding that word.  In a sense, we are always waiting to receive more.  

Trust: Psalm 40:1-4 —The danger is turning our trust to other things. We may put our trust in people who disappoint us and let us down (e.g., I trusted Dallas brethren to pick me up at the airport for Summer Excitement, but nobody came until I finally called). But, God KNOWS we are waiting! We can trust Him!  

Hope, Expectation: Psalm 130:5-8 — God will come through (even though His timing is such that I do not have it now). 

Salvation, Peace: Psalm 62:1-2 — If you are waiting in silence, you cannot be complaining.

Courage: Psalm 27:14 — God has us wait, because He wants us to grow stronger. Do I have a “waiter-mindset”? If so, I WILL grow in the process. 

Joy: Psalm 33:20-21 — This is the opposite of complaining. We live in a world lacking joy, because all too often we look for joy in circumstances and things—which cannot bring real joy! 

Obedience, Endurance, Inheritance: Psalm 37:34 — Inherent with waiting is being willing to live the life God has called us to. We give up on the Lord when we have given up on waiting and give up on obeying, or trying to obey. Remember, an inheritance is supposed to come ONLY after a time of waiting.  

Waiting for the Lord is NOT pictured as a man sleeping with the sign above saying “Now Serving: 0001” and a sign on the counter “Take a Number: 9359.” Instead, waiting for the Lord is an ACTIVE godly life.

—Robert Lee, 7-23-05, p.m.

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