Walking in Truth

When we walk we need to be supported or we will fall. We also need to be spiritually supported.

Knowing the Truth
John 1:14, 17 – Jesus is the foundation of truth we can base our lives on.
John 8:31-34 – We must abide in God’s word. Jesus is the truth. Sin is anything that hurts relationships
John 14:6 – Jesus says he is the way, the truth, and the life. Jesus is the way to God.
1 John 4:6 – It is through Jesus and the Spirit that we can decide what is truth and what will support us.

Discerning the Devil’s Lies
John 8:40, 43-47 – The Devil is a liar and the Father of lies. Sometimes people can be so mixed up they can’t decide what is true.
2 Cor. 4:1-4 – The Devil can blind the minds of people so that they can’t see how God can help them.
2 Thess. 2:7-13 – People can get so off track if they don’t love the truth that they can enjoy wickedness
2 Tim.2:24-26 – It is possible to get Spiritual hearing and Spiritual eyesight back by believing in God.

Facing the Truth about Ourselves
John 3:20-21 – We need to confess the evil in our lives so that we can live in the light. God’s grace covers our sins
James 1:21-25, 3:14 – Don’t lie about your sins. Bring them to God
1 John 1:5-2:2 – God will forgive those who confess. We have an advocate in Jesus
Living in the Truth
Eph. 4:24-25 – Speak truth with your neighbor.
1 Tim. 3:15 – The Church is the pillar and supporter of the Truth
2 Tim.2:15 – We are called to accurately handle the word of truth. We are called to live the word in our lives.
2 John 1:1-4 – We should love those who love the truth. We must hold onto the truth.

–Robert Lee, 4-1-12, p.m.

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