Developing a Christian Life

Ephesians 4:25-5:21 

This section of Ephesians has everything to do with unity!  In it Paul reveals on a practical level what we must not do and what we must do to be a unified body of believers.

Walk in Love – Ephesians 4:25-5:5

The following five categories of sins will inevitably prevent unity among people.  It is no wonder that God hates these.  He wants us to be able to trust each other.  Each is a misuse of a gift of God.

     Sins to avoid:                         Misusing

     Lying           (4:25)                  Truth 

     Rage           (4:26-27; 31)       Emotions (Specifically Anger) 

     Cheating      (4:28; 5:5)           Things & People 

     Abuse          (4:29-30; 5:4)      Speech

     Obscenity    (5:3, 5)                Sexuality 

     Walk in love – Ephesians 4:25-5:2 – This is the only way to have unity. 

Walk in Light – Ephesians 5:6-14 

To walk in love is to lay ourselves open before the light of god’s truth. 

•The wrath of God comes (v. 6) – He will deal forcefully with all that is not loving.

•Seek goodness, righteousness & truth (vs.7-9) – We should ask ourselves regarding      

     anything we do, “Is it good, is it right, is it true?”

•Prove what God’s will is (v. 10) – We cannot assume that the way we have always done   

     things is necessarily God’s will. 

•Expose what is evil (v. 11-14) – Too often I have seen this as me pointing out what is

     wrong in the lives of others.  I need to expose the evil in my own life and repent.  The  

     more I walk according to the truth, the more the way I live can of itself reveal what is

     untrue in the lives of others. 

Walk in Wisdom – Ephesians 5:15-21 

•Walk carefully (vs. 15-16) – Doesn’t this warning show that we must acknowledge that

     the danger of falling spiritually is real? 

•Understand the will of the Lord (v. 17) – This more than just knowing God’s laws.  This     

     is knowing God himself, so that we can determine what is important to him. 

•Be filled with the Spirit (v. 18) – We will either be filled with the Spirit of God, or we

     sill grieve that Spirit. 

•Sing to the Lord (v. 19) – Express out joy to the Lord. 

•Always give thanks to God, the Father (v. 20) – Gratitude is extremely important to

     maintain good relationships.  This is very true as we pursue closeness with God. 

•Be subject to one another (v. 21) – This transitions into next the next section of


Walking in Unity (Summary)  Ephesians 4:25-5:21 

•Walk in Love (5:2) – Be Caring 

•Walk in Light (5:8) – Be Real / True / Honest

•Walk in Wisdom (5:15) – Be Understanding 

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