“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

We Are Family

(Please read Ephesians 3:14-23)

March 13

Due to good transportation facilities and the lure of job opportunities far from home, and perhaps other factors, many American families become widely scattered in only one or two generations. Wouldn’t it be interesting to meet some of those relatives who were considered close kin by your grandfather but are now strangers to you?

Well, maybe for a while, but how long could we enjoy talking if all we had in common was mutual ancestry? Unless we shared other interests, we would be likely to remain strangers.

That’s one area in which our spiritual family –- the family of God –- has it all over our physical families. It is so easy to get acquainted with brothers and sisters in Christ whom you’ve never met before. Christians have a built-in advantage over other folks moving to a new city, in that they don’t have to feel lost and lonely there. They can, if they will, just take root immediately in a congregation and have ready-made family to make the transition easier for them.

A few years ago our congregation’s annual theme was We Are Family, and we had extra teaching and discussion to help nurture the feeling of mutual love and support that must exist among Christians. We came to realize more clearly that many of the great pleasures of serving the Father result from association with his children.

Whether your knowledge of your ancestors is little or great, we hope you will keep learning about your Father and rejoicing in your kinship with all his children. It would be good to pause right now and thank him for the privilege of being part of his divine family.

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