We live in a changing world.  Why then is it hard for us to change and accept change?

Change is Necessary

  • Repentance -Matt. 4:17, Luke 13:1-5 These verses talk about how people need to change.  Another example of change is Saul to the apostle Paul
  • Growth – 1 Peter 2:2 – To grow a person must change.  We must grow spiritually.   – 2Peter 3:18

What Keeps us from Changing?

  • Fear- We are secure where we are and fear moving on.  Mark 5:36 -Believe in God and you can overcome fear
  • Stubbornness – Romans 2:4-8 God’s goodness is meant to bring change.  Obedience leads us to life.
  • Hopelessness – Our hope is in Jesus Christ.  Romans 15:13
  • Satisfaction – We can’t allow contentment from spiritual change.  2 Cor 5:9 -we want to please God.  Let God lead you spiritually.
  • Selfishness – Will you change on behalf of someone else?  Phil. 2:3-4 – Regard others as more important than yourself.
  • Denial – We sometimes refuse to see the changes we need to make.  God uses people and the Spirit to help us see the changes we need to make.  James 1:23-24
  • Inflexibility – We might see a different way to do something.  1 Peter 5:6 – Be open to God
  • Ignorance – Sometimes we don’t change because we think we don’t need to learn. 2 Peter 1:2-3 – Have true knowledge of God.
  • Laziness – Change is work.  2 Peter 1:5 – Be diligent.
  • Impatience – Change can take a long time.  Psalm 37:9 -Wait for the Lord.

God Helps Us To Change

  • 1 Cor. 36-7 – God causes spiritual growth  Col. 2:19

—Robert Lee, 10-5-08, a.m.

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