December 9, 2018

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
John 3:17 (NIV)


We are so glad you chose to worship here with us today. We have a special afternoon planned for today and invite you to join us if you can.


Everyone is invited to stay for a fellowship lunch following the morning assembly and then the counting of the money collected for the Ukraine Mission Work.


Each family has a red bag with their name on it on a table in the fellowship hall. These are provided so that you can give Christmas Cards without mailing them. Simply put the cards in the bags of each person or family.  Not all the bags will have the same number of cards because some people may not know all the members. If you receive cards, you may take them home at any time, but please leave the bag until the end of December. We hope this is a simple way to enjoy giving cards this Christmas Season. A list of names of those in the congregation can be found on the table. Please let Jana Lee know of any names accidently missed.


Pat Jarka, a dear friend of Pat McCleary, is suffering from COPD… Diana Huffine is scheduled for knee replacement surgery tomorrow… Kevin and Gohli Rogers are in New York this weekend celebrating Gohli’s birthday.


Please continue in prayer for these loved ones and their various needs:

  • Wendy Robertson, Katrina Gallo, Karauna Taito, Charles Davenport, Sr., Deby Mahoney, Carah Barnes, Karl Simms, Danielle Fisher, Gwendolyn Fisher, Faye Young, André Kidd, Betty Fox, and Joan Wilkes.
  • Our loved ones in the armed forces and law enforcement and their families: Paul Germany, Anthony Patterson, and Lawrence Hilton.


Harold Leavelle, a founding member of this congregation and a former deacon, passed away December 3rd. Visitation will be at the Parker and Elizabeth Funeral Home this Tuesday, December 11, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 noon, followed by the memorial service. Burial will be at Ft. Logan at 2:15 PM. Reception will follow at the Parker Church of Christ. More information is available at the funeral home website…The wife of Neil Fulcer, a brother of Laurel LaRocque, passed away on December 3rd.


Erica Lee, a daughter of Robert and Jana Lee, is raising funds for Will Woleben, an eight-year-old boy who will probably not live beyond age ten due to a genetic disorder. The goal is to raise as much money as possible on December 24th at “One Day for Will”. This money will be used for research to find a cure for his condition.


Why did Jesus come to earth? We are looking at biblical answers to this question in the Sunday morning sermons during the month of December. Today we will examine passages that describe God as our redeemer. Due to today’s special activities, there will be no study here at 2:00 PM.


This week we will conclude Lesson Five in our study about discipleship by looking at the importance of consistency in our relationship with God. We will also begin Lesson Six, which introduces training objectives for disciples of Christ to grow spiritually. Lesson sheets can be found on the table.

Youth Page Dec 9 2018

A Husband’s Prayer

Dear heavenly Father,

How deeply I thank you for the lovely and gracious wife you have given me. Thank you for her virtue, her good nature, and her love for me and our children. Thank you for her great example of a Christian with an unwavering goal of showing her faith by her life. She takes such good care of the children and me that I can never her praise her enough. Please help me to be the kind of husband I should be, and grant that together we can be good examples to our children and to others who observe our lives.

Her goodness often reminds me that I am not worthy of her, and I want to be a kinder, more considerate and more loving husband. I pray earnestly for your help in this endeavor. May I so live that she can always be thankful that you brought us together. And may our love for one another, for you and for Jesus our Savior grow continually throughout our lives. I pray in his name.


A group of churches, led by Quaker Avenue Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas, has had considerable success during the past quarter century in planting and churches in Uganda, Kenya and other East Africa countries. Another successful project has been the establishment of LivingStone University in Uganda, where Africans can obtain Christian education. More information is available and


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