Thank you for coming to worship the Lord today!

Bless the Lord oh my soul

Oh my soul

Worship His Holy name

Sing like never before

Oh my soul

I’ll worship Your Holy name

Let’s enjoy worshiping God together today.



If you are visiting today, welcome to our services. Please stay around and let us meet you.  We were blessed to have visitors from the neighborhood last Sunday, Terry Crumm and Janice Crumm.



This morning we will be examining the subject of “Seeing with Our Hearts.” Both the Old and New Testaments have some important teachings about how “the eyes of our hearts” determine how we view the people around us.

● 1:30 Sunday Afternoon – Discussion and Prayer on Seeing with Our Hearts



The January Leaders’ Meeting will take place here at the building immediately following this morning’s worship assembly. All members are invited to attend. Please feel free to bring your lunch if you plan to stay.



Next Sunday morning, Eric Brandell will be speaking for us. Eric is currently on leave from Vanuatu, an island country in the South Pacific. He will be returning on January 26th. There will be no 1:30 Discussion and Prayer meeting next Sunday.



Ricky Jones and his new wife, Robin, plan to repeat their marriage commitments to each other before God and the congregation next Sunday, January 26th, here at the building following the morning assembly for worship. Afterward, we will have a carry-in lunch. Fried chicken and cake will be provided. Please bring salads, vegetables, bread, and/or drinks.



A thank you note from the Christian Relief Fund has been posted on the bulletin board. Their president, Milton Jones, is taking chemo treatments for cancer at this time, and he would appreciate our prayers on his behalf.



Chuck Huffine has resigned as a deacon of the congregation. We want to thank Chuck and Diana for their service to the Church and for their fellowship. We wish them well in their continued Christian Walk.



You will notice a change in the look of the weekly bulletin. For many years of the bulletin has been prepared by Diana Huffine and Travis Allen.  Travis has decided to retire from producing the “Youth Matters” puzzle page. Thanks to you both for a great job on the bulletin!

If you have items for the weekly bulletin please give them to Robert Lee, Bob Rossow, or Rick Srikijkarn.



  • Ricky Jones’ Mother, who lives in California, had a stroke on Tuesday night that has left her unable to speak. Ricky and Robin plan to fly out to see her on February 7th.

  • Tinea Watkins would appreciate prayers for her Mother’s family in Arkansas. Tinea’s cousin was murdered last week by her son who was on drugs.

  • David Lemon, a friend of Ricky Jones, will be released from prison soon. David would appreciate our prayers that he will successfully reintegrate back into society.

  • Andy Schroeder, a member of the Southeast Church of Christ who has attended our men’s breakfast meetings, had major heart surgery last Monday. He is doing well following the surgery but is facing another operation soon.



Please continue in prayer for these loved ones and their various needs:

• Katrina Gallo, Sally McCleary, Anna Dvoracek, Betty Fox, Danielle Fisher, Christina Thompson, and Milton Jones

• Also pray for our loved ones in the armed forces and law enforcement and their families: Anthony Patterson, Paul Germany, and Lawrence Hilton.



This week’s midweek study will be looking at the importance of undergoing spiritual examination just like we do regarding our physical bodies. Robert Lee can provide lesson sheets.



The following items can be found in the magazine rack that can be found in the fellowship room:

•   The latest issue of The Christian Appeal has essays by John Comer on the theme, “Reflections of His Birth.” These short pieces provide various thoughts about the amazing gift of hope that God sent to a stable in Bethlehem.

•   The Fourth Quarter 2019 issue of Does God Exist? magazine covers the theme “Why Is Faith in God Necessary?” The articles have some excellent arguments that provide support for the existence of God.

•   The latest Monthly Report for the Namikango Mission in Malawi, Africa, details the excellent work being accomplished by their Health Center, including the maternity clinic. These services make a big difference for the residents living near the Mission.




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