May God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord give you grace, mercy, and peace.
1 Timothy 1:2b (NLT)




We are so glad you chose to join us here today. If you are a guest, we’d love to get a chance to visit with you and give you a warm welcome. Last Sunday morning we welcomed the Brett and Dawn Reitmair family from Brighton, Colorado. They were here for the Singing Youth of Denver presentation that took place here Sunday afternoon. Two of their daughters are members of the group.



Joan Wilkes, a friend of several in the congregation, is under hospice care and in serious condition at this time…Gerri Andrews has a close friend, Jenny Playle, who is beginning radiation treatment for aggressive cancer.



Please continue in prayer for these loved ones and their various needs:
• Deby Mahoney, Carah Barnes, Faye Young, Valerie Greenwalt, Margaret Rossow (Bob’s mother), LaPhonia Knapp, Charles Davenport, Sr.
• Our loved ones in the armed forces and law enforcement and their families: Paul Germany, Anthony Patterson, and Lawrence Hilton.



The church leaders will be meeting this afternoon, following our morning worship assembly. All members are invited to attend and/or suggest topics for discussion. Feel free to bring a sack lunch.



Colorado Christian Services has been devoted to adopting children into Christian homes for several decades. They have two fund raising events coming up. The Spring Benefit Photo Shoot will be held on Saturday, February 23, 2019, in Centennial. The cost is $30. They will have another Spring Benefit called “Hope Grows Here” on Saturday, April 6, 2019, in Littleton. The cost is $60. More information is available on the bulletin board, and you can also address questions to Jana Lee.



The monthly men’s breakfast for February will pick up again this coming Saturday in the fellowship room, from 8:30 to 10:00 AM. If possible, please bring a food item for the meal. We will have a time of Bible study and sharing. A leader’s meeting will be held on Sunday in the fellowship room following the morning worship assembly. All members are invited.



The latest newsletter, which is on the table by the bulletin board, describes some exciting construction projects taking place at the mission. These include an Outpatient Clinic and a New Bible School. All help to complete these important projects is greatly appreciated.



The Singing Youth of Denver expressed their gratitude that we invited them to sing for us last Sunday afternoon. We are glad these young people are making the sacrifice to share praise to God and to share the gospel of Christ in song.



The latest issue of Gospel Tidings is available on the table. Please pick up your free copy, and feel free to grab another to share with a friend – or with a stranger.



In 1 Timothy 1:3-7, the apostle Paul addresses the problem of false teachers who were turning away from the true gospel of Christ. In these verses Paul gives the primary focus of his ministry, which provides direction for us as we seek to share the gospel of Jesus with the world.



This week we will look in detail at the sixth chapter of the book of Romans. This is a continuation of Lesson One of “The Transformed Life,” with special focus on how God’s word promises that we can grow, leaving behind the old life and beginning the new.

Youth Pages – Feb. 17, 2019



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