What Hast Thou Brought to Me?

In her beautiful hymn Miss Havergal represents the Saviour as speaking to us in these words:

“And I have brought to thee,
Down from my home above,
Salvation full and free,
My pardon and my love;
I bring, I bring rich gifts to thee.
What hast thou brought to me?”

How vast is the difference between what God brings to us and what we bring to him! Jesus spoke two parables about God’s great wedding feast, and the invitation to attend it which has been brought to us. In those parables he shows the difference between God’s attitude toward man and man’s attitude toward God. God’s ideal and intention is one of fellowship, of joyful feasting, of mirth and gladness and satisfaction. Such is ever his first purpose, design and intention toward us. If he ever changes this attitude, it is because our frivolity and rebellion and stubborn neglect force him to change it. but when we try to commune with God upon his own terms, when we honestly, sincerely and gratefully appreciate his kindness, how far short we still fall in competing with him in giving and receiving. He brings us this rich feast, fragrant with mercy, redolent with lovingkindness; and in return we bring to him at best but a dull faith and listless, if not cold, hearts. He spreads before us here the tender symbols of his Son’s bruised body and shed blood! How full of meaning and of pathos those symbols are to him! But how feebly we discern in them the sufferings of the garden and the agony of the cross. How little understanding we bring to this feast. Beloved, let us strive to commune with him on a more equal basis. As he brings to us here the very best of heaven, let us bring unto him in return the very best there is within our souls. Let us try to come with more thanksgiving, more gratitude, more grace, more perfect understanding, more fullness of heart toward him, and more charity of spirit toward all those who are partakers with us in the blessings of this sacrifice. –P.Y. Pendleton, in the book, On the Lord’s Day, Standard Publishing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1904.

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