“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

What Shall I Render?

(Please read Psalm 116:12-14)

May 25

Our text is taken from a psalm of thanksgiving, one of six called the Great Hallel (from the same root word as “Hallelujah”), extending from Psalm 113 through 118, which were sung by Jews at great feasts. It probably was sung by Jesus and his disciples at the close of the Last Supper. The psalmist was considering here how he might most effectually prove his gratitude to the Lord.

Like him, we are so overwhelmed by the wonder of the Lord’s gifts that we scarcely know how to express our thanks. And our thankfulness, like his, is not just for the “large” gifts but for “all his benefits,” even the commonplace blessings we experience every day.

The psalmist’s solution: to lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord, and to pay his vows to the Lord. The cup of salvation pledges us to the Lord, having recognized and confessed him as our Redeemer and Friend, and requires that we consecrate our lives to him (see Hebrews 10:23). Our consecration is shown by godly, prayerful living, in accordance with his wishes for us.

Besides the pledge we have already made in confessing Christ, we may make vows from time to time, to do better in some area of our lives. Let’s remember that he expects us to “pay” (keep) our vows to him (see Ecclesiastes 5:4-5).

All that sounds like a lot of “rendering,” doesn’t it? Well, the good news is that we do it only a day at a time. Thank the Lord for giving us today for that purpose.


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