“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

When a Tool Is Not a Tool

(Please read Matthew 25:14-30)

July 18

A group of volunteers were installing drywall in a nearly completed church building years and years ago, when one man’s hammer got away from him at the top of a wall and fell down between the sheetrock and the outer wall. The man, who happened to be a carpenter by trade, had no trouble replacing the lost hammer and going on with his work.

But the hammer was done for. Instead of continuing to serve the purpose for which it was made, it was simply debris from then on. Perhaps you have a number of tools around the house that might well be called junk since they are not being used as tools. In our country, where new ideas flourish and new tools appear on store shelves regularly, it is not unusual for people to become tool collectors rather than tool users.

Even the tools with which we serve the Lord are of no value unless they are used. We may accumulate books or computer applications or other devices on the sometimes flimsy premise that they will makes us more knowledgeable or in some other way more useful as servants of the Lord – and never use them at all. In which case they are not worth very much, and we’re like soldiers who spend all their time accumulating equipment while their comrades go out and do the actual fighting.

Think about the parable of the talents, in our text. Which of the servants do we most resemble if we accumulate a collection of tools and never use them for the Lord?

May the Lord bless you in putting your tools to work.

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