1 Thess. 1:2-8

These verses bring up some of the foundational concepts of any church. As we move forward from paying off our building debt we should consider our focus in the future.

Seven areas of emphasis for Christians:

· Prayer
One of our foundations is to be steadfast in prayer. God is the power to move us forward where He wants us to go.

John 3:7-8. We are born of the Spirit and the Spirit moves us towards God’s purposes for us.

· Faith
(Relationship With God)
Faith allows God’s power to work through us.

Gal. 3:23-29. We are sons of God in faith through Christ Jesus. We must look beyond the low attendance and any other physical discouragements to realize that if we have faith, God will use us to accomplish the work He has for us.

· Love
(Relationship with God and others)
The need of people in the world is great.

1Cor. 13:13. There is a way that love is beyond faith and hope. Love is eternal because we will enjoy love with God eternally.

· Hope
(Relationship with God despite circumstances)
Hope allows us to look beyond the immediate and see God. People can look at this physical world and see it as hopeless, but the gospel message brings hope that God will reward the faithful.

1Tim. 5:5. Fix your hope on God. May we have the hope that will bring us positive energy for God.

· Beloved and Chosen by God
We need to know that we are loved by God and we need to let others know they are loved by God. This builds us up and creates in us rejoicing in our special relationship with the loving Father of all.

1Peter 1:1-2. We can hope of the fullness of grace and peace.

· Holy Spirit
We need to depend on the work of the Spirit in our lives.

Romans 8:9,26-27. God lives in us if we belong to Him.

· Sharing God’s Word
The Kingdom of Jesus is advanced by the message. We are called to spread the message.

Romans 10:17-18. Faith comes by hearing. We need to continue to be a Church of The Book, The Word.

—Robert Lee, 9-26-04, p.m.

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