Acts 17:16-35

 One of the biggest jobs of a Christian is to bring others to God.   Why do bad things happen in the world today?  Why are there tragedies such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and other calamities?  God desire for us doesn’t change.  He is still in his heaven. 

Acts 17:16-35

Meet the people of Athens, Greece

  • Idol Worshipers – Pantheists – worshiped whoever – Do we know people today who value whatever?
  • Thinkers – Epicurean (whatever) and Stoics  (don’t offend)

A Meeting of the Areopagus

  • Paul had a perfect audience – we have an opportunity wherever people are hurting
  • Were these people so different than we are? Acts 17:23-28
  • Paul explained the “unknown” God and all he had done on earth.   Attributes of God: He is the Creator and Lord of Heaven and Earth.  God is self sufficient (vs 25) He needs nothing.  He is a life giver, life sustainer, nation builder, sets the times and places where we should live.
  • God wants us to seek him.

Why are we here?

We are here to seek God!  

How do we look for God?  Learn to seek God in all circumstances.  

  • Jer. 29:11- God has plans for you.  Seek him so he can bless you.  Look for him whenever you have trials.   Seek him so you can formulate your response according to his will.
  • Deut. 429-30-Seek with all your heart
  • Psalm 9:10- He’s always there
  • Psalm 14:2- God is looking for all people
  • Psalm 63:1 – We long for God as dry land needs water
  • Heb. 11:6 -Seek him with urgency
  • Matt. 6:25-34 -Don’t Worry-Seek God first

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  • Acts 17:29-30 -God did all this and then he set the day for our judgment.  God is ready for us. Isaiah 55:6

—Robert Lee, 5-25-08, a.m.

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