“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Why Be a Christian?

(Please read Acts 26:27-29)

June 19

Why indeed? Aren’t Christians out of date in the modern world? Aren’t they old fogies who never smile?

Well, no, that doesn’t describe many, if any, Christians. Even the “out of date” bit is not correct. Morality and clean living may be old-fashioned to lots of people, but Christians are looking forward to a better world. So instead of being out of date, we’re ahead of date.

Actually, anyone has everything to gain and nothing to lose by becoming a Christian. By its very nature, the alternative (unbelief) offers nothing, none of the advantages that Christianity provides in this life or the life to come.

One of these advantages is a ready-made support group. Christians are taught to have consideration and love for one another, which is not surprising since we serve a Master who showed us how. When a Christian has sickness, pain or sorrow, he can usually depend on help and encouragement from his brothers and sisters in Christ.

Christianity reduces or eliminates worry and uneasiness, because we believe God will help us as we try to help ourselves.

And we have power over sin. Our past sins have been forgiven, a way of escape is available with every temptation, and we can obtain forgiveness when we do stray. For we have Jesus as our High Priest and Advocate with the Father. Best of all, we have the promise of eternal life.

If you’re not a Christian, ask us to prove what is written here. If you are a Christian, may these words help you rejoice today in your salvation.


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