Sometimes we have a hard time getting up to attend the services.  If someone were to have told you all the helping things you would do it would have been incomprehensible.  The alternative to not going is grim.  There are a lot of reasons we go and not all of them are to worship God. 

  • Our Parents made us
  • The Social activity
  • Experimenting with other religions

Maturity brings insight that the reason to go to Church is because of faith and hope.  Maturity lets you see that physical things are temporary.  Romans 10:17– Hearing the word of God brings faith in God.  Be eager to hear the Word.  Isn’t it better to hear God’s word than T.V.?

Exodus 14:12, 21-23 People haven’t changed – God has always dealt with people of little faith.  If something like this happened to us, would we say, wow this is lucky?  These were humans who had doubts, just like us.  We need to come to Church to keep up our faith.

Peter’s denial is another example of doubting.

James 1:2-5,22-24 As humans we are so forgetful about how we act.  Keep close to God.

—Rowe Stayton, 3-26-06, p.m.

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