Here are 60 word-search puzzles featuring the travels, troubles, trials and triumphs of the apostle Paul. All but two appeared in our church bulletins in 2009 and 2010. Two were later added — No. 41 to fill a small gap in Paul’s experiences that had been overlooked during the 2009 series, and No. 59 to provide a sort of summary by Paul of his “sufferings” for Christ.
All the puzzles, except Nos. 59 and 60, are from the book of Acts, as are all the “Who Said It” quotations. The idea behind these ques-tions, and the puzzles, is to encourage interest in Bible reading, which is real “Word” search-ing. The “Who Said It” questions are purposely repetitive to promote familiarity with the an-swers.
All quotations are from the New International Version of the Bible.

How to Work the Puzzles

Find the bold words and draw a box around each one. Words may go horizontally, vertically or diag-onally, in either direction.
As you find a word in the puzzle, underline the corresponding word in the quoted passage of scripture. If you follow the impulse to mark that word out, you may mess up the narrative.

TIP: All letters on the four edges of each puzzle appear in words you are looking for. If you find those first, you’re well on your way.