“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Words Preserved

(Please read John 6:61-63)

July 17

Have you ever seen one of those old, original “phonographs,” which used a needle to reproduce the sound recorded on disks that spun first at 78 and later at 78, 45 or 33 revolutions per minute?

How primitive that equipment seems now, when voices, music and other sounds can be recorded just about anywhere and played back everywhere, and it is commonplace to hear the actual sounds of faraway events on the daily news.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if our remote ancestors had had some way of leaving their recorded words for posterity? What if Jesus had left behind some sermons and conversations recorded in his own voice? What if any listener could hear those recorded words in his own language? (Remember that at Pentecost the people heard the apostles as if the apostles were speaking in each listener’s own language.) And what if we could buy the recorded words inexpensively at a nearby store?

Would they be circulated throughout the world and eagerly sought after by people who wanted to know more about Jesus? Would people who owned them listen carefully to some portion every day and gradually commit the words to memory?

Well, we actually have many of Jesus’ words, preserved for us in print through the providence of God and printed in almost all the languages of our world. And they’re available in recorded form too, not Jesus’ own voice but his own words. Probably we can assume that we would treat those “what if” recordings, if we had them, about the same way we treat the record we do have, which is the Bible.

How do you treat yours?

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