The Struggle of Relationship With Our Heavenly Father 

Jacob’s Encounter with God

  • Genesis 28:10-22 – This vision shows that Jacob came close to God.  A stone is set to commemorate Jacob’s encounter with God
  • Genesis 32:24-32 –  Once again Jacob has an encounter with God.  Jacob’s encounter with God leaves him with a broken physical body.  Jacob does get a blessing, but he has to bear the consequences of that in his physical life.  Jacob would not give up in his request from God.  We have to want it badly enough to hold on. 

Saul’s Encounter with God

  • Acts 7:57-8:3, 9:1-23 – Saul hates Christians and is doing everything he can to exterminate the faith.  Yet, this man was chosen by God to spread the gospel.  God comes near as Jesus and Paul becomes blind.  Encounters with God can be difficult for us.  God is willing to use difficult things to make us the spiritual people he knows we can be.
  • 2 Cor. 2:4; 11:10-11; 12:14-15 – Paul now declares his love fir these people.  God is transforming who we are as he did Paul. 

Jesus And His Heavenly Father

  • Matt. 27:45-56 – (Mark 15:33-41) Even Jesus, asked, God, Where are you?  God’s people sometimes feel that God is not there.  Sometimes we as humans suffer.  
  • Luke 23:44-49 – Jesus cried out, Into your hands I commit my Spirit.  He believed and knew God was there even though he had asked where are you?
  • Psalm 22:1,23-24 – The words of God filled Jesus.  There is faith and hope in God’s   word.
  • Psalm 31:1-5 – Jesus quoted the word in his last breath. 

We Must Draw Near To God

  • James 4:8-10 – When God sent his son he promised I am with you.  We must draw near to God.  We have a choice in our response to God.

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