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Yolanda, who died April 16, was born in Hooks, Texas, near Texarkana, on May 27, 1949. Her father was a sharecropper and Yolanda hoed cotton at a young age. She was a star athlete in high school but contracted tuberculosis at age 17. The disease cost her one lung and two and a half years in the hospital.

in her early 20s Yolanda was baptized in a Church of Christ. She was married to Emmett Cox from 1974 to 1982. She moved to Colorado in the early 70s and became a member of this congregation in 1990.

She married Thomas Young in 2001. Although muscular distrophy eventually put her in a wheelchair, she continued to attend church services when she could.

In addition to her husband, Yolanda’s survivors include sons Roderick, Keith and Torry, daughters Fredrecka, Paul and Nicole, four sisters, a brother and 25 grandchildren.

We will long remember and miss Yolanda.

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